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STOP TA Clinic: 6/14/21 Qualitative Data and Implementation Planning with Dr. Quenette Walton

This Clinic featured Dr. Quenette Walton, who engaged Administrators in a discussion on the use of qualitative methods in their Implementation Plans. Drawing upon the benefits and limitations of both quantitative and qualitative data, Dr. Walton facilitated a discussion with participants about how they can use the qualitative data they gather from listening sessions, conversations with key stakeholders, or historical documentation to tell the story about what they do and how they do it when it comes to developing their Implementation Plans. Dr. Walton ended the presentation with a charge for administrators to wrestle with what it means for them to use qualitative data to enhance the coordination and integration of their services, as well as using the STOP Implementation Plan process to strategize and monitor their efforts.

Data,Underserved Populations