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STOP TA Clinic 7/25: Funding Issues and Current Trends for Forensic Exams with Nicole Stahlmann (IAFN)

A recurring issue amongst State STOP Administrators is working with forensic exam providers to fund SANE exams. In order to understand the payment process, Administrators must understand the exam process. In this clinic, Nicole Stahlmann explains the complexities of SANE exams such as delayed exams, length of exam, and legal documents. She continues the conversation by discussing how different localities cover different portions of the exam. In some States and Territories, jurisdictions cover all aspects associated with the exam while others only cover portions. Reimbursement can come from different areas such as local law enforcement or county funds. Nicole discusses with Administrators different trends in relation to SANE exams. For instance, a current trend is different jurisdictions not covering exams for out of state assaults. Furthermore, trends indicate that physician groups have been billing patients for services received. The clinic concluded with Administrators asking questions and sharing their State’s practices.

Nicole Stahlmann (MN, RN, SANE-A, AFN-BC, FNE-A, Forensic Nursing Specialist) serves as a Forensic Nursing Specialist at IAFN where her primary focus is providing education and technical assistance to anyone within the field of Forensic Nursing under the OVW. She continues her practice as a Forensic Nurse. Through her work both as a nurse and as a specialist, she is able to provide information both from a technical and experiential perspective.

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