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VAWA and OVW Information

STOP TA Clinic 10/31/22: STOP Formula Grant Prosecution Certification with Marnie Shiels, OVW, and John Wilkinson, AEquitas

In this Clinic, speakers Marnie Shiels (OVW) and John Wilkinson (AEquitas) shared information and tips on the new STOP Formula Grant Prosecution Certification. Ms. Shiels began the clinic by analyzing 34 U.S. Code § 10454 which describes that prosecutors must certify that while receiving STOP Funds, they will not compel victim testimony. Under this Certification, ….  Read More
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STOP TA Clinic 8/22: Spending Down & Reallocation of Funds with Latonya Eaddy, OVW

In this TA clinic hosted by Latonya Eaddy (OVW), Latonya discussed with Administrators how to reallocate funds. The conversation began with a brief overview of when Administrators can reallocate funds and how these regulations have changed with the new VAWA reauthorization. Latonya continued by describing large scale ideas on using previous award funds and trends ….  Read More
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Webinar: STOP Purpose Area 14: Implementing Policy Change within the STOP Program

STOP Formula Grant Program Purpose Area (PA) #14 provides that STOP funding can be used for the purpose of “developing and promoting State, local, or tribal legislation and policies that enhance best practices for responding to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.” This webinar will focus on STOP PA 14 and how it ….  Read More
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Webinar: A Review of STOP Subgrantee Progress Reporting Forms for Administrators

VAWA MEI staff discussed how to submit subgrantee reports, reviewed the most frequently reported sections of the subgrantee reporting form, and demonstrated how STOP Administrators should conduct their review of the subgrantee reporting form. This webinar included tips and tricks for analyzing subgrantee reports, including common errors to keep an eye out for.  (Presented on ….  Read More
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Webinar: Similarities and Differences Between VOCA and VAWA Formula Grants

This webinar discussed similarities and differences between the STOP Formula Grant and VOCA Victim Assistance Formula Grant programs including: An overview of allowable costs and activities; Strategic spending of funds; Eligible applicants; and Match. (Presented on 12/5/2019) Materials: VAWA VOCA Webinar Slides Financial,Match,VAWA
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