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Domestic Violence Homicide Reduction Workshop Series Part 1: Current Prevention Efforts, Gaps, What the Data Say, and What You Can Do to Address the Needs of Underserved Communities

The STOP Implementation Plan process requires STOP Administrators and their planning partners to examine and analyze a number of factors related to domestic violence homicides in the state, meaningfully respond to the needs of underserved communities, and articulate a STOP planning and grantmaking strategy that addresses all of these issues. This workshop is designed to help Administrators consider the needs of underserved victims in the context of domestic homicide prevention efforts. 
This workshop: 

  • Reviews the relevant STOP requirements. 
  • Examines the data on domestic violence homicides in the US. 
  • Discusses current domestic violence homicide prevention efforts. 
  • Explores the limitations in current efforts for underserved communities. 
  • Previews the tools for learning about community needs and gaps that will be discussed during the next two blocks. 

(Presented 11/9/2020)

Culturally Specific,Data,Planning Committee,Underserved Populations