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STOP Administrators Meeting: Domestic Violence Homicide Reduction – Risks and Realities + Learning from Community-Based Approaches to Domestic Violence Homicide Reduction: The Importance of Strategic Planning

Reducing domestic violence homicides is a STOP priority area, and developing goals and objectives to address DV homicides in your state or territory is required for your Implementation Plan. In this session, Dr. Tricia Bent-Goodley shares the importance of engaging communities to understand the issue and creating strategies appropriate for the populations in your state or territory. Dr. Bent-Goodley discusses her research focused on Domestic Violence Fatality Reviews and their impact on the African American community to encourage you to think critically about models when considering solutions.

There are several widely known evidence-based models for reducing and preventing intimate partner homicide. These models typically build on traditional and mainstream responses; therefore, it is critical to fully assess the community needs prior to implementation and sustainability. In this session, the speakers discuss the importance of using strategic planning techniques and tools and why it is learning about existing community-based, region-specific, and culturally specific approaches to reducing DV homicides is necessary, as well as share information about the DV RISC Project.

Presented by: Tricia Bent-Goodley, PhD, Howard University School of Social Work; Robyn Mazur, Center for Court Innovation; Michelle Toledo-Cainas, Center for Court Innovation; Sakima Romero-Chandler, Ujima; Lumarie Orozco, Esperanza United