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STOP Administrators Meeting: Moving Forward – From Planning to Implementation

Now that your STOP Implementation Plan is in its final stages, it is a good time to take a step back and assess the planning processes and outline how you will infuse the next several years with the priorities, goals, and objectives presented in the IP. It is also critical that we continue to learn from and strengthen partnerships with local communities and incorporate their feedback into your grantmaking and revisions to the IP. In this session, the panelists discuss how the IP is both a blueprint for moving forward and a living document that continues to evolve.

Facilitated by: Shira Phelps
Panelists: Lindsey Crusan-Muse, St. Peter’s Health Partners, Diana Fleming,Oregon Department of Justice, Crime Victims’ Services Division, Gene Nelson, Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services, Lindsey Owen, Disability Rights Vermont, Bill Schaefer, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services