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STOP Administrators Meeting: What are Survivor Experiences in Your State? Learning from Qualitative Data

First Session

Second Session

When we hear the word “data,” most of us think of numeric indicators that tell us how many or how frequently something occurs – in other words, quantitative data. While quantitative data are essential for telling us how much or how often something is happening, qualitative data tells the story and the nuances behind the numbers. Qualitative data can tell us a great deal about context and circumstances and describe in detail the problems or solutions represented in quantitative terms. In this workshop, two researchers will describe why qualitative data are important, what the data can tell you, and suggestions for strategies and methods that STOP administrators and partners can use to engage in qualitative data collection to enhance their work.

Presented by: Quenette Walton, PhD and Olubunmi Basirat Oyewuwo, PhD, STAAR Project, ALSO