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Webinar: Human Trafficking and the STOP Grant Program: Understanding the Impact of Trauma

A trafficking survivor’s history of trauma likely will have a profound effect on them throughout their life and, in particular, can impact their interaction with anyone in the justice system. This webinar will help ground STOP administrators on how trauma affects human trafficking survivors, how the programs funded under STOP can be trauma-informed, and how human trafficking intersects with domestic and sexual violence. We will also explore the intersection with addictions and other issues facing survivors that co-occur. Finally, we will provide specific ideas about how the STOP Grant program can integrate human trafficking and be grounded in trauma-informed approaches. (Presented 4/28/2020)

Materials: Human Trafficking and the STOP Grant Program Slides, Human Trafficking and STOP Brief, Quick Guide to Addressing HT within STOP Purpose Areas

Domestic Violence,Human Trafficking,Sexual Assault,Trauma