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STOP eNewsletter, October 2022: STOP Assistance to Campuses

STOP Assistance to Campuses Now that STOP implementation plans have been submitted and school is starting again, STAAR Project’s October eNewsletter focuses on sexual violence on college campuses. The topics discussed include: STOP collaboration with Title IX on campuses, BIPOC survivors, survivors with disabilities, and restorative justice. Download Here: STOP eNewsletter, October 2022
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STOP TA Clinic: 11/9/20 Engaging Culturally Specific Communities in the STOP Implementation Planning Process with Olga Trujillo

This Clinic featured Olga Trujillo who focused on how STOP Administrators can engage with culturally specific communities during the STOP Implementation Planning Process and maintaining relationships with stakeholders in communities beyond the year Implementation Plans are due. Olga discussed grantmaking strategies, culturally specific services, and the impact of COVID-19 on communities. Culturally Specific,New Administrators,Underserved Populations
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STOP TA Clinic: 11/23/20 Qualitative Data with Dr. Quenette Walton

This Clinic featured Dr. Quenette Walton, who engaged Administrators in a discussion on the use of qualitative methods in their Implementation Plans. Drawing upon the benefits and limitations of both quantitative and qualitative data, Dr. Walton facilitated a discussion with participants about how they can use the qualitative data they gather from listening sessions, conversations ….  Read More
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STOP TA Clinic: 12/7/20 “Ask Anything” with OVW Attorney Advisor Marnie Shiels

This TA Clinic offered STOP Administrators a special opportunity to “Ask Anything” with OVW Attorney Advisor Marnie Shiels and ALSO STAAR Project TA staff. Marnie briefly discussed current issues Administrators face and opened the floor for Administrators to share how the Implementation Planning process is moving forward during challenging times. Grant Administration,New Administrator,VAWA
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STOP TA Clinic: 1/11/21 Connecting with Tribes with Nicole Matthews (MIWSAC)

This Clinic featured Nicole Matthews, member of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe, and Executive Director for the Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition. Nicole discussed issues of sexual assault and Tribal members, the importance of building and maintaining meaningful relationships with Tribes, and engaging Tribes in the planning process. Nicole shared tips on how ….  Read More
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STOP TA Clinic: 3/22/21 Firearms TA Project with Darren Mitchell

This Clinic featured Darren Mitchell from the Firearm Technical Assistance Project and Gene Nelson, STOP Administrator (VT). Darren discussed the gaps and challenges to victim safety and perpetrator accountability around the issue of firearms, while Gene shared her experience participating in the Firearm Technical Assistance Project. They focused on comprehensively and effectively addressing responses within ….  Read More
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STOP TA Clinic: 4/19/21 Sexual Assault Awareness Month with Kris Bein (RSP)

To continue recognizing Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), this Clinic featured Kris Bein from the Resource Sharing Project. Kris discussed the organization’s role in working to end sexual violence and support survivors, with a special focus on what STOP Administrators should know when developing grantmaking strategies and implementation planning. Sexual Assault
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STOP TA Clinic: 4/5/21 Sexual Assault Awareness Month with Laura Palumbo (NSVRC) and Karen Galbraith (PCAR)

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), and this program featured two experts: Laura Palumbo, Communications Director with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) presenting on the wide range of SAAM resources and information available from NSVRC on understanding the issue of online sexual abuse, how communities can get involved, and ways to support ….  Read More
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