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STOP TA Clinic 11/14/22: Supporting Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse with Kris Bein, Erica Blackwood, and LaShae Lopez (RSP)

In this Clinic, speakers Kris Bein, Erica Blackwood, and LaShae Lopez speak on Resource Sharing Project’s new resource: Building Resilience: Conversations with and about Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse. Building Resilience is a series of 12 video podcasts that focus on how programs can work to better support adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Adult survivors of child sexual abuse may need distinct resources as trauma affects children in different ways than adults. Additionally, the podcast series discusses how to create resources that address needs from an intersectional perspective. The Clinic continues with an overview of the different resources available through RSP and how current programs can be implemented by STOP Administrators. RSP concluded the conversation by discussing restorative and transformative justice practices with adult survivors. 

Kris Bein is the Assistant Director of RSP, LaShae Lopez is the Rural Technical Assistance Coordinator with RSP, and Erica Blackwood is the SADI Specialist with NCCASA