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DV Homicide Reduction

Domestic Violence Homicide Reduction Workshop Series Part 1: Current Prevention Efforts, Gaps, What the Data Say, and What You Can Do to Address the Needs of Underserved Communities

The STOP Implementation Plan process requires STOP Administrators and their planning partners to examine and analyze a number of factors related to domestic violence homicides in the state, meaningfully respond to the needs of underserved communities, and articulate a STOP planning and grantmaking strategy that addresses all of these issues. This workshop is designed to ….  Read More
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Domestic Violence Homicide Reduction Workshop Series Part 2: Engaging with Communities as a Tool for Enhancing Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention

This workshop explores how STOP Administrators can use community engagement to address the limitations of current domestic violence homicide prevention efforts in their state. This workshop: ● Defines community engagement and distinguish it from outreach. ● Describes the key benefits and qualities of the approach. ● Explores how community engagement can be used to examine ….  Read More
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Domestic Violence Homicide Reduction Workshop Series Part 3: Understanding and Applying Research and Qualitative Data for Domestic Violence Homicide Reduction Efforts

This workshop focuses on understanding and applying qualitative research and data approaches to domestic violence homicide in underserved communities. The workshop: ● Defines qualitative research and data approaches; ● Explores possible qualitative research questions; ● Provides guidance on choosing the right qualitative data collection method; ● Shares tips about qualitative research and data, as well ….  Read More
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