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Grant Administration

STOP TA Clinic: 12/7/20 “Ask Anything” with OVW Attorney Advisor Marnie Shiels

This TA Clinic offered STOP Administrators a special opportunity to “Ask Anything” with OVW Attorney Advisor Marnie Shiels and ALSO STAAR Project TA staff. Marnie briefly discussed current issues Administrators face and opened the floor for Administrators to share how the Implementation Planning process is moving forward during challenging times. Grant Administration,New Administrator,VAWA
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STOP TA Clinic: 5/17/21 STOP and SASP Coordination with Elizabeth Edmonson Bauer

Both the STOP Grant Program and SASP, the Sexual Assault Services Program, fund services for sexual assault survivors. This presentation featured Elizabeth Edmonson Bauer, the SASP TA Specialist for the Resource Sharing Project (RSP), who gave an overview of SASP and explored how States and Territories can best coordinate these two programs, including leveraging funds ….  Read More
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Webinar: STOP Implementation Planning: A Monthly at a Glance Guide

The purpose of this webinar is to launch a new product of the STAAR Project: STOP Implementation Planning: A Monthly At-A-Glance Guide. This guide is designed as a 12-month guide that provides a succinct bird’s-eye view of the STOP implementation planning process through action steps and suggestions. This product is meant to complement the more ….  Read More
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Webinar: A Review of STOP Subgrantee Progress Reporting Forms for Administrators

VAWA MEI staff discussed how to submit subgrantee reports, reviewed the most frequently reported sections of the subgrantee reporting form, and demonstrated how STOP Administrators should conduct their review of the subgrantee reporting form. This webinar included tips and tricks for analyzing subgrantee reports, including common errors to keep an eye out for.  (Presented on ….  Read More
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A Practical Guide for Creating Trauma-Informed Disability, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault Organizations

Download here: A Practical Guide for Creating Trauma-Informed Disability, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault Organizations Accessibility,Certifications,Confidentiality,Courts,Civil Legal System,Criminal Justice,Culturally Specific,Data,Dating Violence,Deaf/Hard of Hearing,Disabilities,Domestic Violence,Elder Abuse,FAQs,Financial,Grant Administration,Human Trafficking,Language Access,Law Enforcement,Legal Services,LGBTQ+,Match,New Administrator,Nondiscrimination,Planning Committee,Prosecution,Protection Orders,Sexual Assault,Stalking,Subgrantees,Trauma,Tribes,Underserved Populations,VAWA,Victim Services
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Handbook for STOP Administrators

The Handbook for STOP Administrators is designed to provide guidance to State and U.S. Territorial recipients of the STOP Formula Grants Program funds. Authored by the ALSO STAAR TA Project in close collaboration with the Office on Violence Against Women and STOP administrators, the Handbook offers information on the Violence Against Women Act, administration and management of STOP funds, and ….  Read More
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