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Implementation PlanningNew STOP Administrators

Webinar: Improving Access to Courts Through Technology: Innovative Ideas for the STOP Formula Grants Courts Set-Aside

The 5% courts set-aside is the smallest allocation category within the STOP Formula Grants Program, and STOP administrators may find it challenging to identify projects that are both impactful and affordable. Given that many state and local courts around the country have not yet had the opportunity to upgrade technological features that can provide opportunities to improve and enhance survivor access to courts, STOP administrators may find some solutions through investments in court technology. In this webinar, national experts provide a foundation for thinking about technology and courts and present innovative projects that could be supported with STOP funding. Participants will also hear why some court systems may be reluctant to accept STOP funding and how to address court concerns about maintaining an appearance of neutrality.

Materials: Improving Access to Courts through Technology Webinar Slides