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STOP TA Clinic: 6/13 LGBTQ+ Individuals and VAWA with Linnette Acosta and Topher Williamson

The month of June is known as Pride Month internationally which recognizes and celebrates LGBTQ+ individuals. In this session, hosted by Linnette Acosta and Topher Williamson, foundational information surrounding the LGBTQ+ community was shared. They continued the conversation by providing facts and statistics about how being a part of the LGBTQ+ community can increase exposure to violence and potential victimization. In addition to LGBTQ+ individuals experiencing higher rates of violence, they also experience hurdles in reporting such violence.

Topher Williamson is the Program Coordinator for ALSO’s Serving Our Youth team where they work with Children Youth and Engaging Men as Allies (CYEM) grantees. Linnette Acosta provides coordination support for ALSO and local partners. Topher and Linnette are a part of the Thrive Project at ALSO which began roughly 2 years ago with the goal of increasing ALSO’s intentional inclusivity for employees and the people ALSO serves.