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STOP TA Clinic 8/22: Spending Down & Reallocation of Funds with Latonya Eaddy, OVW

In this TA clinic hosted by Latonya Eaddy (OVW), Latonya discussed with Administrators how to reallocate funds. The conversation began with a brief overview of when Administrators can reallocate funds and how these regulations have changed with the new VAWA reauthorization. Latonya continued by describing large scale ideas on using previous award funds and trends OVW Program Managers are noticing throughout and as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The four main ideas for fund reallocations were: looking for gaps that were identified in Implementation Plans but had not yet been addressed; revisit RFP applications that were not previously funded and potentially run RFPs on an off cycle; distribute funds to sub-recipients who request additional funding; and look programmatic and financial reports. The discussion progressed with Latonya describing reallocating funds to Courts, Discretionary, Prosecution, Law Enforcement, and Victim Services. A special emphasis was placed on allocating extra funds to Underserved Populations and increases in wages. Latonya ended the clinic by opening the floor to Administrators who asked questions ranging from clarification on changes made to funding regulations in the new VAWA reauthorization to reaching specialized communities who previously have not accepted additional funding. 

Latonya Eaddy is a Program Specialist at the U.S Department of Justice (DOJ), Office on Violence Against Women (OVW). In her role, she is responsible for monitoring grants and cooperative agreements. She previously worked with the State of Maryland as the STOP Administrator.

To view Latonya’s PowerPoint, click here.



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